Emor "Say"
Torah Reading 
Shabbat: Leviticus 21:1-24:23

You may have missed the event but you can still enjoy the beauty of the anointed and awe inspiring afternoon the TAK Ladies and their guests shared on Sunday afternoon. There were 88 ladies in total, including the 11 Tea Hostesses. Our Guest Speaker was the funny, authentic and beautiful, inside and out, Rebbetzin Jennifer Caracelo of Keren Ohr Messianic Synagogue, Savannah, Ga.  The Sisterhood of TAK are so proud and blessed to be under the leadership of our Rebbetzin, Ilene Vitkus. You never cease to inspire and lead with love, passion and the joy of Messiah. Thank you!!  Please enjoy the "Purim in Paradise" Photo Album.  All thanks to Lauren Blair, for accepting the invitation to be the event photographer. You captured the beauty and spirit of everything and everyone there. Thanks Lauren!  For more amazing photos, check out the ​photo gallery!

"Purim in Paradise"​​
Eshet Chayil's Esther Tea Banquet 
March 4, 2018​

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