a spiritual family - a congregation of disciples reaching out to each other and to the world.

Ki Tavo "When you enter in"
Torah Reading 
Shabbat: Deuteronomy 26:1-29:9

Here at TAK, there’s something for everyone.
Check out the many ways you can get connected!

  • Children’s Ministry:  From tots to pre-teens, our kids can experience God’s Love through
    hands-on activities and creativity as they learn Torah. ​ 
    Ministry Leader: Inés Sánchez-Sosner

  • Dance  Ministry: Our unique worship services allow for congregational  dance  to  honor  the  

        Lord  with  movement.  Let them praise Him with dancing. Psalm 149:3
​        Adult, Youth, and Children’s Dance Ministries are also available here at TAK!
        Ministry Leader: Arlene K. Viehweger

        ministry is packed with power and inspiration!
        Ministry Leader: Rebbetzin Ilene Vitkus

  • Hospitality Ministry: More than just “putting out a good spread,” these volunteers are showing
     love of God through one of the most popular ways in Judaism - food! 

        Ministry Leader: Lorraine Douglas

  • Kingdom Youth (9th-12th grade): Our teenagers experience worship and the scriptures in a way
    that is meaningful to them and empowers them to minister to their peer group. They are able to make
    lasting friendships
     while creating memories they will treasure well into adulthood.

        Ministry Head: Taylor Blair

  • Men’s Ministry: Where men come hungry not just for great food, but for the Word of Adonai (the ​LORD)!

        Ministry Head: Rabbi Joe Vitkus

  • Music Ministry: Dedicated to the pursuit of Messiah and making Him known through worship and music.
    Encouraging the body of Messiah to carve out personal time to minister unto the Lord in worship.

    Ministry Head: Rick Greenberg

  • Prayer Ministry: With Altar Prayer, Corporate Intercessory Prayer, Pre-Service Prayer, and E-mail 

        Prayer, intercessors of all types can find a way to communicate with God on behalf of His body.
        Ministry Head: Arlene K. Viehweger

  • Prison Ministry: Yeshua taught us to visit those imprisoned, and in doing so, relationship with 

        God has ensued within the confines of a cell. Visitations to both men and women prisons.
        Ministry Heads: Steven Lenett

  • Seniors Ministry - Our seniors can experience fellowship with good food, Torah study and outside activities. 
    Ministry Head: Rabbi Joe Vitkus/Lorraine Douglas

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