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Korach "Korah"
Torah Reading 
​Shabbat: Numbers 16:1-18:32

Guatemalan Dumpster Families

In Guatemala City, many people cannot not afford homes or land to build houses. They construct shelters out of discarded trash and live in the city dump. This is where many work, find food for the family and also live. The government recently enacted laws to restrict it's residents from living inside the dump. Still many camp outside the newly built wall and across the street from the dump. As one can imagine, there is crime, drugs, disease and of course the poverty. TAK, this Summer, will be going to Guatemala and will be partnering with Servants Hearts Ministry to build homes. In addition, we will be visiting the dumpster areas, local churches and participating in their programs, installing water filters in multiple locations, working in the sports areas with Ministry J316 and most importantly, sharing the transforming Word of God.

If you feel a tug on your heart to join us this Summer, get the information you need here. 
If you're not able to go to Guatemala, you can still help by making a donation towards supplies here 
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TAKLife: Outreach

TAK's 10-Day Guatemala Mission Trip 
​Saturday, June 15th - Monday, June 25

​​Guatemalan Dumpster Families