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Rabbi Joe Vitkus

Rabbi Joe is the Senior Rabbi at Temple Aron HaKodesh.  He loves the congregation and he leads by example.  Rabbi Joe has a heart full of faith and meets every obstacle with a positive attitude.  Check out Rabbi Joe 's story to learn more about our senior rabbi.

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Rabbi Joe's Story

Rabbi Joseph Vitkus, a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been with Temple Aron HaKodesh since 1994 when he was hired as the youth rabbi and as an art, Bible, and P.E. teacher and athletic director for Sar Shalom Hebrew Academy, our temple's former day school. He served in youth ministry until 2005, when he became the associate rabbi under the founding rabbi, Dr. Neil Lash. In 2010, Rabbi Joe became the senior rabbi upon Rabbi Neil's retirement. Rabbi Joe is licensed and ordained with the IAMCS (International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues) and also licensed and ordained with the Assemblies of God. He also serves on the MJAA's Executive Committee.

Rabbi Joe is a frequent speaker at MJAA (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) conferences, both in the southeast region as well as the national Messiah Conference. Rabbi Joe also speaks at the IAMCS International Rabbis Conference and the YMJA (Young Messianic Jewish Alliance) conferences. Rabbi Joe speaks frequently at various youth conferences and interfaith events. Rabbi Joe also leads a tour to Israel every two years when a group of about 20-30 people see the Scriptures come to life as they travel to the Holy Land. He leads a missions trip to a designated country on the years in between.

Rabbi Joe and his wife, Rebbetzin Ilene Vitkus, have been married for over thirty years and have two grown children, Joshua, and Rebecca. Rebbetzin Ilene has served alongside Rabbi Joe at TAK over twenty-five years, and she was also a teacher at Sar Shalom Hebrew Academy. Rebbetzin Ilene is originally from Long Island, New York, where she grew up in a very religious, traditional Jewish home. Ilene has a bachelor's degree in secondary English education, and is also a frequent speaker at various conferences around the country.


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